Volleyball Court Diagrams and Dimensions

Explore the selection of printable volleyball court diagram in the images below. Whether you are going to plan your game, do some exercises with the players, or simply try to make your own court, these court diagrams will help with the illustration.

Check out the diagrams in the following list below.

Printable Volleyball Court Diagram
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You can learn about the length and wide of the court in the volleyball court diagram above. The court is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide. There is a net that divides the court in half. The court is divided into two exact halves of 9 m each by the ‘center line’. A net is suspended above the centerline, on the poles located on either side of the court, in such a manner that its highest point is exactly 7 ft. 11⅝ inches above the ground for men and 7 ft. 11⅛ inches for women.

Volleyball Court Diagram with Positions
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Those different lines and markings that you spot on the court are necessary to help play the game. Every line on the court serves a distinct purpose and affects both how players play the game and how volleyball officials officiate it. If the ball falls outside the sidelines or the end line, the team which made the contact with the ball last loses a point.

Volleyball Court Diagram Dimensions
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We also provide the template version of the court diagram that you can use to make a miniature of your volleyball court. All of the pictures on this page are free and printable, just spare a right-click to enlarge and you’re all started to download!