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Skeletal Diagrams of the Human Body

This pack of diagrams has a printable illustration of the printable human skeletal system which will help you learn and understand human anatomy, especially the skeletal system. In these skeletal diagrams, you’ll learn many parts and structures of the human skeletal system, some with the tags, and some are unlabeled.

The unlabeled ones can be used for review or quiz.

Printable Skeletal Diagram
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The adult human skeletal system consists of 206 bones. The skeletal system has two distinct parts. The axial skeleton totals 80 bones, consisting of the vertebral column, the rib cage, and the skull. As you can see in the skeletal diagram above, there are many different types of skeletal diagrams. Our set of diagrams includes complete skeletal diagrams of the anterior, posterior, and lateral view. The anterior view skeletal diagram shows the frontal view of the human skeleton. Meanwhile, the posterior view skeletal diagram provides a back view of the human skeleton. The lateral view skeletal diagram offers a side view of the human skeleton.

Skeletal Diagram of the Human Body
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Complete Skeletal Diagram
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Some skeletal diagrams show smaller sections of the human skeleton. These are usually groupings, such as bones of the head, spine, feet, and hands. Take a good look at the diagram if you want to understand the skeletal system. You can stick a labeled diagram on a wall in your room to memorize it better.

Skeletal Diagram Worksheet
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Blank Skeletal Diagram
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The unlabeled skeletal system diagrams can be used in a classroom environment, both as a part of lesson plans and as quiz material. Print these diagrams for easier use and reference, just click on the image and choose the save menu to download!