Ocean Floor Diagrams

Study deeper about the seabed or the ocean floor with the help of the following free and printable Ocean Floor Diagrams that you can use as a visual illustration! This is a generic diagram of the types of features that can be found on the ocean floor.

The ocean floor is covered with mountains, valleys, plains, and other features similar to the land surfaces of the earth. You can spot these ocean’s features in the diagrams below.

Ocean Floor Diagram Worksheet
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This Ocean Floor diagram shows the depths of different regions of the sea floor. The ocean basins are broadly divided into four major subdivisions. They are continental shelf, continental slope, abyssal plains, the ocean deeps/ submarine trenches. The continental shelf is the relatively shallow seabed that extends from the coast. The continental slope is the steeply descending seabed between the continental shelf and the deep sea floor. Submarine canyons may cut through the slope. Take a look at the following sea floor diagram below.

Ocean Floor Diagram 5th Grade
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Ocean Floor Diagram with Zones
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The deep sea floor is an extensive plain which contains deep trenches and elevated areas known as seamounts. The oceanic mountains are called submarine ridges. They are linear belts occurring near the middle of the oceans and are also called mid-oceanic ridges. The oceanic ridge is the site of frequent earthquakes. We also provide you the ocean zone diagram in the following image.

Ocean Floor Diagram Project
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Ocean Floor Diagram Blank
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We hope these ocean floor diagrams give you more knowledge about the seabed. To download the diagram, simply click on the image and choose the save image shortcut!