Muscles of the Body Diagrams

Study the muscles in your body with the following printable body muscle diagrams. These muscle diagrams show the major superficial and deep muscles of the human body with the labels. Studying the anatomy of the body muscles will be way easier with this set of free and printable Muscles of the Body Diagram.

Check out the diagram of body muscle anatomy in the first diagram below. You can choose which diagram fits your need to download and print, just click on the image to download and start printing!

Anterior Muscles of the Body Diagram
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The first Muscles of the Body Diagram above is the anterior view of the muscle anatomy. The skeletal muscle is used for locomotion and skeletal movement while the cardiac muscles are only found within the heart, inside the pericardium sac; therefore detailed knowledge of this muscle collection is not needed when studying osteology. Take a look at the following body muscle diagram below.

Women Muscles of the Body Diagrams
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Posterior Muscles of the Body Diagrams
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In these muscle diagrams, we have listed a series of a label which show each muscle. We also provide you with the unlabeled version along with the ‘running’ pose muscle diagram. Check out the other diagrams below which show you the unlabeled muscle diagrams. Use these unlabeled diagrams for review and educational evaluation.

Running Muscles of the Body Diagrams
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Muscles of the Body Diagram Unlabeled
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All the major muscle groups of the body are shown. Click on any of these muscle diagrams for a quick print! These diagrams show you an in-depth understanding of each muscle group. See how well you understand the system and for review purposes!